Ivica Dimitriev


Mr. Dimitriev is founding partner of Dimitriev & Naskov Attorneys at Law. He has participated in all areas of Civil, Corporate and Criminal Law, advising many foreign and domestic clients, especially IT, Construction, Financial and Manufacturing companies and has extensive experience in cooperation and representation before all government institutions in R. of North Macedonia. Mr. Dimitriev has been developing and implementing start-up companies and turning them into a big and serious business.

He also acted as a legal adviser in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of R. North Macedonia. He has been involved in numerous big cases representing clients for financial corruption in both civil and criminal procedures.

As a very skilled negotiator and litigator, Mr. Dimitriev has been leading all of his cases with positive outcome or coming to an out of court solution, proving that his detailed work is advantage in all kinds of legal situations. Also Mr. Dimitriev has participated in large number of seminars, training, conferences and various surveys.


Certificated Held:

Certificate for company development, status changes, stock and shares management- Certificate for Pre-trial detention and investigation course

Certificate for participating in the seminar on the topic – “Amendments to the Law of Litigation Procedure”

Certificate for attending training on “Trial Advocacy Basic Skills on the New Criminal Procedure Code”

Certificate for successful completion of basic training on the new Law on Criminal Procedure (awarded by the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in cooperation with OSCE)

Certificate for participating in the seminar on the topic – “Amendments to the Law of Criminal Procedure”

Certificate of Educational program in the field of Forensic Science

Certificate of Trial advocacy skills on the new criminal procedure code

Certificate for successfully finished basic training for The New Law on Criminal Procedure by the Academy for judges and public prosecutors in cooperation with со OSCE

Certificate for participating on seminar with topic ,, Amendmeds on the Law on Criminal Procedure

Certificate for participating on seminar with topic “Amendmeds on the Law of Litigation Procedure”

Passed Bar Exam on 29.10.2010

Completed a course in Law

Seminar of Customer Loyalty

Seminar Introduction in International humanity law

Seminar of Social and Culture rights,,Third generation of human rights,,

Seminar of Practical law opinion ,,Do It Yourself,,

,,International conference 25 years law of discrimination,protection and law system against discrimination European conference “Legal challenges of the cyber space”